About Us

First of all, welcome to Senshiki! 

Senshiki was born in the cold north, also known as Denmark, due to frustration with the colors usually available in Danish fashion, namely black and black.

At Senshiki, love of color is what drives us - we want more colorful and bright clothes available to us. For anyone who has been to Japan, they can tell you that Harajuku is nothing if not colorful, which is why the street fashion of Harajuku is the main inspiration for our brand. 

Funny, cute, quirky and colorful, with a sprinkling of the Japanese language - that's how we do our designing. 

We love Japanese culture, both the traditional and the pop culture as well as the beautiful Japanese language, and Senshiki's goal is to bring this fascinating world of Japanese out onto t-shirts and prints. Because while Japanese sounds delightful to the ear, it is also very aesthetically pleasing! 

The name Senshiki was created by taking two Japanese kanji and combining into a new word:

鮮 (sen) meaning: fresh; vivid; clear; brilliant
色 (shiki) meaning: color; hue; tint

Once again, we welcome you to our online store. We invite you to take a look at our selection and check back frequently as we often add new selections to the store. 

Stay colorful.